BKD London Christmas Blog Post

Last Christmas we gave my dad a range of the usual christmassy gifts all of which he loved but one made a real impression. My parents live in a flat that has the incredible view of Edinburgh and my son had painted his grandad a picture of the view from a photo I'd taken. I realised my parents really don't need anything and the fact my then seven year old had taken the time out to make something for him really struck a chord. It's nice to receive but also to give and a lovely lesson to teach your children and while we're all busy running around preparing for Christmas its also a great time to slow down for a moment and take some time to spend with our own kids. We had so much fun making our biscuits together and wanted to make something really fun for them to go in so we could give them to someone special. Head over to www.bkd-london.com for their full range of baking fun! 


To make your own box follow these instructions!


Make your biscuits, we used the Christmas biscuit baking kit, whist they're in the oven you can start on your box!


Use this Template or you can draw your own, just make sure its nice and big - about A4 size. Either way make sure your tree is on cardboard so you can use it as a template.


Use the base edge to draw a triangle in the middle of a large piece of green card. Use the base as a guide to draw three tree shapes.


Cut out just around the tree shapes so the middle tree is still attached. Fold up the tree shapes and glue or staple just the bottom branches so you have enough space to add the biscuits at the end.


Decorate your box, we used stickers but you could use tapes, glitter, sequins, pompoms or anything you can find.


Once you've cooled, iced and decorated your biscuits and perhaps taste tested a couple add to your box with a little tissue paper. Hole punch a hole at the top of each tree and string a ribbon through each hole so it closes the box and if you like add a tag. Hey presto your lovely hand made gift is ready.




Dawn East