Global Citizenship project YR3

Workshops based on: ‘Belonging, global citizenship’

As global young citizens, spreading positive messages is important. This part of year 3’s trash to treasure topic project was to create a graphic banner. 

The kids were introduced to some artists that use messages and slogans in their work. We looked at the work of Corita Kent, Anthony Burril, Camille Walala, Art + Believe and Deborah Sussman.

We then focussed our project on award winning contemporary designer Morag Myerscough's work in the 2018 Brighton Festival. Co-commissioned by Brighton Festival and Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft. ‘Belonging’ was Myerscough’s first ever mobile installation: a bright, bold, touring bandstand programmed in conjunction with communities across Sussex. We invited the children to go and see the Bandstand for themselves and then reflect on the concept of ‘belonging’ by making their own banners. The banners will become part of a permanent installation within the school playground where we will have an opening ceremony and invite parents to view the children's work.

Dawn East