Paper Easter Bonnet

I ran some workshops ar Fortnum & mason last Easter and we were both keen to make bonnets that were not plastic and generally more eco than your usual easter bonnet. I liked the idea that the bonnet could be re-used so this one is made from a strip of paper that wraps round. The ones I made for the workshops were a little more detailed but heres a simple one which only requires glue, scissors, yellow tissue paper and some green and yellow card.

1 buy a bonnet

2 measure the circumference of your bonnet and cut a long strip of green card about 12cm high for your grass

3 use another shade of green to cut some long strips of grass

4 cut some petal shapes out of yellow card

5 either use pre cut yellow tissue circles or cut your own, pinch in the middle and twist

6 glue everything in place

7 attach onto your hat, either staple or glue. try not to glue onto the actual hat and then you can use it again next year!

Dawn East